Who We Are

Hawkeye Systems, Inc. was founded by former US Military members and veterans of Hollywood Film production.  We combined our experience and expertise to create a company focused on creating the absolute best camera systems for military and police Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.  Better images provide better data for mission critical applications.

The Axa Platform

No camera technology solution currently available is providing a linkable feed opportunity that can offer command and control manipulation from an operations center without losing video capture feed from the originating camera position—meaning, where the camera was originally oriented.

The AXA camera platform is fundamentally a linked set of cameras—which we call “the AXA Platform” — that have a high field-of-view in each lens that can be stitched together almost instantaneously. As such, the individual camera lens can be utilized in both separate and collective configurations. This creates the opportunity for a single, lightweight camera with 6 degrees of freedom and a 4p Steradian Field-of-View to be marketed.


Hawkeye Systems, Inc. is a technology company that is developing cutting edge optical imaging products for military and law enforcement markets to assist with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). Other potential markets include commercial entertainment and outdoor sportsmanship activities. Hawkeye is currently developing a wide field of view, single lens virtual reality imaging product. Initially, these products are being designed to be able to be mounted to law enforcement and/or military personnel to record and stream high resolution images to a wifi or Bluetooth network, when required. 

A longer-term plan is to develop a next-gen version of Aerial PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras during long military surveillance flights – there are thousands of such PTZ camera balls in use with the U.S. Military. We call this the “AXA” platform. The AXA will entail the development of a larger ground and aerial platform-based stabilized system that is of Size, Weight and Power to allow for Ground Vehicular, Manned and Unmanned Aerial Systems deployment based on a networked system of similar or greater technical camera capabilities.

Problem we are solving

Problem with Current Systems:

  • No standardization
  • Low image quality
  • Extreme complication in delivery
  • Proprietary systems

Hawkeye provides turn-key products and services to its customers allowing for strategic value from assets which are otherwise hard to deploy, maintain and use.

The best information in real-time!