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Cinema, Filmmaking, & Entertainment

Radiant Images, soon to be a division of Hawkeye Systems, is an award winning technology provider specializing in cinema, immersive, volumetric and light field image capture. They have been part of some of the world’s first and largest never been done before immersive experiences, such as the Emmy-winning NASA/JPL Cassini’s Grand Finale as well as the White House Obama’s Farewell Speech. 

Award Winning Innovations

Radiant’s AXA system debuted at the National Broadcasters Association in Las Vegas April 22nd 2017, showcasing in all leading camera manufacturer exhibits such as ARRI, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and Red Digital Cinema. In 2018, Radiant Images was commissioned by Sony Electronics to develop the world’s first truly portable light field camera system called The Meridian; which debuted in June 2018 at the CineGear Expo located on the Paramount Studios lot. By the fall of 2018, ICG Magazine named Radiant Images “Light Years Ahead” for their advances in holographic video technology with light field and volumetric.

Most recently, the company designed, manufactured, sold, and installed the world’s most accurate and adaptive volumetric and light field stages for one of the oldest and largest movie studios. In June 2019, the company received the Tech Innovation Award from Definition Magazine.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your creative vision, please visit the Radiant Images website.