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Other Verticals, Industries & Use Cases

Hawkeye Systems’ patented technology is applicable to a whole host of other verticals and use cases beyond the Military, Law Enforcement, and Entertainment markets. Any industry that can use real time image analysis will see value in our camera systems and Hawkeye Systems is working to expand into new verticals.

"Hawkeye is a leader when it comes to high-resolution imagery, gathering those images and gathering relevant data."

Lucas Foster, Hawkeye Systems Technical Advisor

Education and Training Simulations

Hawkeye Systems’ Volumetric and Light Field image capture solutions are able to create photo-realistic 3D environments. For education and training simulations this can provide the interactivity of 3D video games or Virtual Reality, but with new levels of photo-realism and accuracy.  We can provide unique experiences through live demonstrations, such as showing a new surgical technique to live viewers around the world, or create an immersive training simulation that provides the “real world” experience and interaction necessary without the physical infrastructure and/or dangers and risks that may be associated with live training in the real world.

We are currently working with a major medical school and a federal agency on creating a composite medical education and real-time care-delivery guidance system and method within an Mixed Reality (MR) environment to support medical care on remote missions. 

Manufacturing Quality Control

The ability of Hawkeye’s camera systems to turn imaging data into 3D, 360 degree images that can be analyzed by computer algorithms and AI in real time can be of great assistance to quality control for manufacturing. Automated examination of every step of the manufacturing process can reduce cost while increasing quality.  The technology also can be used beyond the factory floor and applied throughout the various links of the supply chain to ensure quality all the way to the end consumer.  In some verticals the technology can even be applied to the resale market ensuring quality and adding value to the product life cycle.

We are currently working with a large automotive client using our camera systems to visually inspect cars as part of the Quality Control process.

Inspection and Authentication of Physical Goods

The depth mapping data provided by Hawkeye camera systems allows you to scan an object’s unique 3D “fingerprint”. This technology can be of use in industries where authenticity of a physical good is of value or there is a high risk of counterfeits in the market.  This can be applied to one of a kind collectibles or used to provide supply chain integrity and ensure that re-sellers are indeed selling your products.

We are currently working with a high value art dealer using our camera systems to authenticate art and other high value collectibles.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning require large amounts of data to function and improve.  Hawkeye Systems’ Volumetric and Light Field solutions create very large amounts of imaging data.  The depth information provided with our imaging data as well as collecting imaging data on objects from many different angles can be especially useful in training AI in object recognition.