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Law Enforcement & Police Forces

Next Generation Imaging Technology

Enforcing the law and protecting and serving our communities can be a dangerous task. Hawkeye Systems, Inc. provides tools that can make police work safer and more effective. From customizable body armor that can be equipped with a variety of cameras and sensors to keep officers safe, to stand alone fixed and mobile camera systems and drone networks that can help both with the collection of evidence, detection of threats and monitoring of crowds and assets.  The wide Field of View on our camera systems allow you to capture the full story, reducing uncertainty in how events unfolded.

Tactical Gear

We can provide customized tactical gear and body armor with our high resolution, wide Field of View, Smart AI Enabled police body and head cameras.   The Hawkeye Systems Smart AI Enabled Head and Body Camera Systems provide a way to multiply the view and presence of the deployed force in a sector by literally providing them ‘eyes in the back of their head’ (a broader field of view)

  • In a body-worn configuration the camera system can be developed to link similar views of perspective—this can be thought of in terms of a buddy-system employment of a group of cameras in close proximity to one another as they would be configured in a patrolling nature or during routine law enforcement activities
  • This provides the opportunity for the view audience or audiences to ‘FLOW’ the camera to a view that is peripheral and outside the view of the human eye for early warning or post-event capture analysis
  • Post-arrest or detention this camera creates the ability to demonstrate threats that were present at the scene or 3rd party influencers (riot instigators, crowd actions, etc.) that are not currently available in a traditional Field-of-View camera
  • A variety of sensors can also be embedded for monitoring vital signs, local environment monitoring like temperature.

AI Enabled Features

Viewpoint from AI Enabled Camera

Hawkeye AI Enabled Camera
Front View (110° FOV/4K)

Hawkeye AI Enabled Camera
Front View (200°FOV/4K)

Hawkeye vs. Industry Benchmarks

Specs & Features
Industry Benchmark
Field of View
110° & 200°
Battery Life
MIL-STD-810G; IP67; Drop Test 6 Feet; 3 Year Warranty
Video, Camera, Audio
1080, 720, 480
5.7K, 4K
Frame Rate
30 fps
100 fps
3 Minutes
3 Minutes
Advanced Features
Tag Videos: Call Type, Suspect Names, Case #, Notes, Etc.
Connectivity/Data Transfer
Wi-Fi, Private LTE, CBRS
Earphones (3.5 mm), Mini-USB 2.0, External Video (2.5 mm)
Data Collection and Management
AI + Analytical Software

[ In-Depth ] Camera

Our upcoming next generation of the Hawkeye System body worn AI-enabled camera, the [ IN – DEPTH ] Body Cam System, has a host of new features, including a modular design that allows you to hot swap camera sensors, and advanced AI computer vision applications for real time imaging analysis.

A considerable evolution and upgrade from previous generation cameras, the [IN-DEPTH] Body Cam System offers AIoT solutions with industry-leading computer vision applications powered by Artificial Intelligence to run cameras on the field and the edge. The application enables cameras to do far more than just capture by applying intelligence and real-time analysis of not only what is happening in the encounter, but also an insight into the subject’s pre-attack indicators.

The Hawkeye [IN-DEPTH] Body Camera platform allows for interchangeable multi-camera sensors and optics which provide multi-field of view and specialty sensors such as infrared, thermal imaging, snake tube, pinhole, and camera sensor upgrade path. In addition, the system includes an evidence management platform that preserves the chain of custody and flexible options that allow for the storage of video evidence on premise, in the cloud, or both. Utilizing mesh connectivity, the camera system is highly portable and easily deployable for situations where there is no WiFi or cellular network.

Inquire below to see how we can customize a camera system for your organization.

AXA 360° Camera Systems

The AXA is the world’s most accurate and adaptive multi-camera array. Better images mean better data for your mission critical applications.

  • The AXA camera is fundamentally a linked set of cameras—which we call the AXA Platform — that have a high field-of-view (“FOV”) in each lens that can be stitched together almost instantaneously.
  • The AXA collective and individual camera system provide the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance law enforcement sector with, as yet, unforeseen customizable, multi-person consumable imagery in a 3D format that creates a live-virtual experience that can be practically exploited for training, operational targeting and protective early warning.
  • The AXA is intended to provide the law enforcement customer with a 360-degree, user-defined and customized, field of view in real-time that is exportable to multiple users or group outputs through various platforms simultaneously. The AXA will also provide geo-location and range data to assist/confirm the objective imagery continuously
  • Our manned and unmanned systems provide critical observation and communications capabilities serving the increasing demand for actionable intelligence, while reducing risk to individual law enforcement officers.
  • A small Unmanned Aerial System can provide real-time observation and communication capabilities to the small units who control them.

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