Superior Real Time 360 Video Stitching with the AXA Camera System

The AXA is the world’s most accurate and adaptive multi-camera array and provides the best multiple camera stitching results possible. The method of how the AXA was designed is based on Platonic solids. These are the geometric building blocks of everything in nature which allows us to capture a perfect sphere. Following the laws of physics and geometry lead to a patent pending camera system that doesn’t require geometry fixes and allows for computational stitching. This is how the AXA is able to provide professional and military grade real time stitching of 360 video.

In addition to the perfect geometry of the AXA camera system, we can take advantage of the data captured by all of the cameras. By over sampling the data we are able to add features like High Dynamic Range to improve image quality, provide a 60 Frame per Second live 360 video stream, and still have enough data left over for data intensive tasks like creating Image Analytics and Depth Mapping.

AXA camera systems can be deployed in a variety of ways and configurations on land, air and sea. From a vehicle mounted AXA camera system providing 360 degree mobile recon to an aircraft mounted AXA camera system that maps the ground from above and creates Wide Area Motion Imaging which allows:

  • Track people / subjects
  • Real-time coordination of activities
  • Complete history / reanalysis
  • Fusion across many sensor types
  • Intelligent processing (user select perspectives)
  • Depth mapping

Multi-Camera Real Time Stitching Process Overview