Hawkeye Manufacturing Partner DemeTECH Ramps Up Production

Hawkeye Systems manufacturing partner DemeTECH, the Only High-quality N95 & PPE Manufacturer in State of Florida, Ramps up Production And Adds 500 Jobs as the CDC Touts Mask Wearing as More Effective Than a Vaccine.

“As a US medical device manufacturer, but more importantly as Americans, we felt compelled to assist in any way we could during this devastating global pandemic,” says Luis Arguello Jr., Vice President of DemeTECH. “We are proud to be producing American-made surgical masks and now, NIOSH-approved N95 respirators, and the only facility to do so in Florida. We have greatly expanded our production and staffing to meet the demands that COVID-19 has placed on our heroes in the medical community.”

Since pivoting the company’s capability to create masks, DemeTECH has added 500 new jobs in Miami and obtained two additional production facilities to expand growth to address PPE production needs. The company anticipates adding another 600 jobs by the end of 2020, driving the local Miami economy further. Mr. Arguello adds “We at DemeTECH are on a mission to make what Americans need in America. We need to rebuild our country, starting with our healthcare industry, and be self-sufficient on products that protect our people and our children.”

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Could a camera-wearing dog pick you out in a crowd? SOCOM might found out.

Hawkeye Systems CEO, Corby Marshall, is interviewed by Eric Tegler about some of the systems being developed for military applications, including K9 worn camera systems.

Marshall said SOCOM is interested in leveraging Hawkeye’s dog cam 360-degree view and high-resolution imagery for intel gathering.

“I can put the camera we’re working on with them now on a dog, send it through a bazaar and identify everybody in that bazaar [using AI] because of the quality of the video and possibility of using facial recognition with it,” Marshall said.

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